Welcome to AI & ML group of Firstobject Technologies Ltd.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning(AI&ML), a new initiative of Firstobject Technologies Ltd.

This initiative is started during April 2018 with a small team of experienced and experts who have worked in Speaker Recognition and Speech Recognition Technologies using Artificial Neural Networks and other Machine Learning solutions. The group spent quality time to understand the latest trends; identified different AI-ML based problem areas in Insurance, Health, Automobile and Agriculture domains.

The team is currently working on developing various reusable components which can be used as building blocks for identified problem areas.

In addition to the above activity, the company is developing chatbot application for various service based industries

Training Initiative

Keeping the growing demand for Machine Learning skills, the company started training in AI & ML. The curriculum has been carefully designed in such a way that all candidates irrespective of their experience level get equally benefitted. The duration of the course is 2 months. After the completion of training, the trainees will get opportunity to participate in the in-house Machine learning development activities.

The training program covers:

  • Fundamental concepts from Mathematics(required for ML)
  • Python Programming
  • Basic and Advanced Concepts in AI&ML

Interested candidates can call @ 9989058960 or send an email to [email protected] for more details

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