About Education

Majority of the population in our country lives in rural areas. Improving literacy rate and creating interest in the education have always been considered the top most priorities for the Government. One of the major challenges of the current education system in India is school drop outs. One of the important factors for drop outs is a high teacher to student ratio. Due to this students do not get proper attention. This leads to lack of interest and makes them poor performers. Eventually they drop out from schools.

The goal of Firstobject Technologies Ltd. is to imbibe interest in the students using the latest technological trends and enable them to understand the concepts easily. The Information and Communication Technology(ICT) solution of the company helps the students learn the concepts in activity mode. It also improves their presentation skills.

Firstobject Technologies Limited has grown as the leading e-learning content provider. We cover Digital content solutions from Nursery to Class 10 and various Higher education segments in India. We have developed the e-content of CBSE, ICSE &various State Boards such as Andhra, Telangana and Maharashtra in English medium and the corresponding vernacular mediums. We have developed more than 250 products.

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