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First Engineering School

ABOUT ENGINEERING SCHOOL First Engineering School is a Digital e-Learning solution of Firstobject Technologies Ltd. which acts as an e-tutor for various Engineering Entrance Examinations such as JEE(Main), JEE(Advanced), BITSAT, GEEE, VITEEE, SRMJEEE, APEAMCET, TSEAMCET, OJEE, IPUCET, COMEDK UGET, Kerala KEAM, MUOET, AEEE, etc. First Engineering School consists of a study material that covers the […]
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First E-school

“EDUCATE, ENLIGHTEN, EMPOWER” @ FIRST E-SCHOOL The company has developed more than 500 products for CBSE, Maharashtra, Andhra and Telangana boards. The products are available both in English and vernacular mediums. The products are made compatible to work on both Windows and Android operating environments. The company believes that the digital content of any subject […]
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First Pre-School

“MOULDING THE FUTURES OF INDIA START HERE…” @ FIRST PRESCHOOL First Preschool is the brand name of the Pre-Primary Digital content solutions of Firstobject Technologies Ltd. It is considered as a pioneer in the field of education and is credited with revolutionizing learning by making it interesting, engaging & motivating. Early Childhood Development and pre-primary […]
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